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Nika Aldrich helps clients protect intellectual property in complex, high-stakes litigations. He has represented innovative companies nationwide in numerous patent disputes involving computer hardware, computer software, computer algorithms, medical devices, MEMS, and other technologies.

In addition to trial court litigation, Nika has successfully defendant patents in inter partes proceedings before the Patent Office, and has handled numerous appeals in IP cases, including before the Federal Circuit and the Supreme Court. Nika’s pre-law technical expertise focuses on digital signal processing, a field in which he published multiple papers and authored a college textbook.

Nika is particularly attuned to the policy issues related to IP. He is a patent law professor at Lewis & Clark Law School, has published several law review articles and countless articles in journals and other publications, and is co-editor of Fresh from the Bench, a weekly circulation summarizing newly issued, precedential patent decisions. He has also been cited in Forbes and other publications for his insights in developments in the law.

He previously worked at the U.N. World Intellectual Property Organization, where he studied the intersection of the U.N. Millennium Goals with international IP systems.

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